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Common Dental Imperfections and How to Resolve Them

Apr 17 • 2 minute read

A beautiful smile leaves a lasting impression. However, rarely are we born with the smile we want to keep throughout our lifetime. In addition to improved confidence, a beautiful, well-functioning set of teeth can help patients eat and speak with comfort.

Here are a few issues that impact your smile’s beauty and potential treatments to address them.


Teeth can be crooked, crowded, gapped, or misaligned in some way. This causes improper function and affects the smile’s appeal. Crooked teeth also cause uneven wear, putting more pressure on specific areas. A set of teeth that meet evenly provides a balanced bite and uniform appearance.

Braces straighten teeth using metal wires and brackets or a system of clear aligning trays. Patients who undergo orthodontics can expect treatment to average one to three years. Misalignment found at an early age can prevent many complications down the road. Early orthodontic intervention can guide teeth into proper alignment while the smile is still developing.


Yellowing occurs after a lifetime of eating and drinking stain-causing foods and beverages without proper maintenance. Coffee, wine, and dark-pigmented substances can stick to teeth and leave stains that affect the enamel’s color.

Furthermore, darkening of the tooth can occur as a result of aging, medication, or internal decay.

To combat discoloration, patients have the option to choose teeth whitening or veneers. Teeth whitening brightens the smile by lifting stains and bleaching away areas of yellowing. However, only veneers can cover internally darkened teeth.

Gum Related Issues

Uneven teeth are caused by more than just misalignment. The gums affect how teeth appear—large gums can make teeth look small, resulting in a gummy smile. On the other end of the spectrum, receding gums expose tooth roots, causing teeth to look unhealthy as well as leave them at higher risk for infection.

Gum grafts and contouring are safe and sterile procedures that adjust the length of an individual’s gums. A periodontist can cover roots or remove excess soft-tissue to improve appearance.

Missing or Extra Teeth While most people will grow up with a set of 32 adult teeth, it is not uncommon to have too many teeth or too few. Extraction is the predominant means of removing excess teeth, as this gives teeth enough room. A crowded smile leads to misalignment and other complications such as impaction. On the other hand, a tooth that never developed can be replaced with an artificial dental implant. This procedure helps to support surrounding structures while improving both the smile’s function and appeal.

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Drs. Joel Ross and Narges Rashid are experienced cosmetic dentists in Westford offering several procedures to improve the smile’s appeal. Call our practice and schedule a consultation to discover treatments to reach your goals.

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