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Periodontal Care

The soft and hard tissues beneath and around teeth are responsible for keeping the smile healthy and stable. A compromised periodontal system threatens both dental function and appeal. Westford Dentistry provides periodontal care as preventive and restorative measures against issues like decay, bone atrophy, and cosmetic concerns.

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Keep Your Gums and Bones Healthy!

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Your gums greatly influence the health of your teeth. Healthy soft tissue ensures it remains functional and beautiful, helping you maintain both your oral and your overall health. Recession, decay, infection, and periodontal disease compromise gums and weaken teeth.

Westford Dentistry provides procedures, including scaling and root planing and prophylaxis, to combat severe periodontitis and gum disease. Our treatments protect your gums and extend the lifetime of your smile while improving overall health.

Oral Surgery

Issues with the jawbone can stem from developmental complications or decay reaching beyond the gumline. Missing teeth, decay, and trauma can harm dental structure and weaken the smile’s integrity. Procedures such as bone grafting and sinus lifts can greatly bolster bone volume and support an improved oral anatomy. Either in cases of extreme decay, or when wisdom teeth are impacted, tooth extraction may be necessary.

At Westford Dentistry, we provide implant placement for patients missing one or several teeth. This procedure completely restores a tooth from root to crown.

Cosmetic Periodontics

Overly large gums or receding gums often result in a less-than-ideal appearance. To treat these issues, our in-house periodontist provides several gum contouring procedures, including the lengthening of crowns or gingival grafts.

Creating a uniform gum line improves a smile’s appeal.Your gum health ensures teeth remain healthy and strong throughout your lifetime. Maintaining healthy soft tissues in your smile is essential for prolonged health and function.

Periodontal Maintenance At-Home

At every visit, we stress the importance of brushing and flossing every day, as these greatly improve an individual’s defense against common dental issues. Keeping the smile free of plaque and tartar build-up protects teeth and keep smiles looking and feeling their best. We advise patients on the best methods for at-home dental care to ensure they keep smiles in optimal shape in between visits.

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