Pamela Ross, Reiki Master

Meet Pam Ross, Our Reiki Master

Westford Reiki Master - Pam Ross

Pam Ross is a Reiki Master and has been utilizing Usui and Karuna Reiki energy for the purpose of healing for the past twelve years. She has been a Master of the Usui method for over three years. Pam gives healing treatments combining Reiki and basic gem layout to relax and balance her clients.

For three years, she has brought Reiki to Western medicine by offering it to patients in her husband's dental practice in Westford, MA every Tuesday. Four years ago, Pam introduced a 'Holistic Center' to be part of First Church Unitarian's annual Country Fair in Littleton, MA. It has become a continual growing success. She offers classes in Reiki to people of all ages.

After realizing her dream of opening Aquarius Sanctuary, a place where like-minded people can congregate and learn in a friendly, supportive atmosphere, she recently opened Aquarius Sanctuary Bookstore & Gifts, located at 288 Littleton Road, Westford, MA (Gateway Building) where she offers metaphysical supplies, books, jewelry and more.